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Goddess Bikini Rewards

We are looking for UGC to help grow our brand and I wanted to reach out to the Goddesses who have supported our business and purchased a bikini to offer you a new bikini in exchange for a video that we can use on our socials and marketing efforts.  
Here is what we are looking for
1. Create a 30 second- 1 minute vertical video reviewing the bikini or bikinis that you purchased or create a GRWM type of video with the bikini
2. Post it as an Instagram Reel and tag @goddess_swimwear
3. Post it as a Tiktok and tag @goddess_swimwear
4. Send us the video without any Tiktok or Instagram watermark so that we can use it on our socials and/or website. You can use an app to remove the watermark. Email trish@goddess-swimwear.com with a subject line "UCG video" to send us the video.
5. Send us this video within 2 weeks of receiving your order and we will issue you a $100 gift card to pick out a new bikini!! 
 *** To qualify for this promotion, you must have purchased a matching bikini set from Take Me to Bali, Wandering Lilac, or Chasing Rainbows collections.
Feel free to email any questions to me at trish@goddess-swimwear.com. 
xx, Trish
Founder & Designer 
Goddess Swimwear 
****this program is designed for Goddess Swimwear customers only and will only be running for a limited time******