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A Goddess is a woman whose confidence shines so bright that she inspires the women around her to radiate their own unique light and therefore we create a kindred connection of empowered women.

We are looking for women who encompass the Goddess lifestyle and someone whose social media reflects our values...  bikini and beach life, yoga, fitness and who have a following with active engagement on social media to help grow and promote our brand.

We're actively searching for beach babes who love bikini life and Goddess Swimwear as much as we do!

All our Brand Ambassadors receive an initial employee discount and have the opportunity to earn free bikinis and/or commissions. Our Goddesses are included in exclusive Ambassador giveaways, opportunities for editorial and social collaborations, sneak peeks at the latest styles on Goddess-swimwear.com, and pre-approval to join our affiliates program. All you need to do to be involved is share your passion for Goddess Swimwear with your friends and followers.

⭐️ Lives on social media

⭐️ Rocks a bikini on a regular basis

⭐️ Loves to be beach bound year round

⭐️Wants to be part of the Goddess Swimwear family!

⭐️ Earn 10% commission on all referral purchases

⭐️  Your network will receive 15% off Goddess Swimwear

⭐️  We look to our brand ambassadors first when opportunities arise for social media campaigns, events, and photo shoots

⭐️  You’ll be the first to know about new product releases 

⭐️  Join the movement. spread the love.


  • Applicants must be the age of 18 and over
  • All applicants must have public social media accounts.

    Fill out the form below to apply to be part of the #GoddessGlamSquad. Look out for a confirmation email and stay tuned for a welcome email in 1-2 weeks if you’re accepted.


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