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Goddess Vibes New Years Intentions

Goddess Vibes New Years Intentions

January 03, 2016

Happy New Year Sun Loves!!!!!!! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season filled with love, family, friends, and giving and gratitude! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, we had multiple parties with tasty food, wine, champagne followed by lazy movie marathon days. Now I’m super excited to burn off this holiday muffin top and get back to my fitness routine, clean eating and most important to get back to bikini life.

I’m STOKED to roll out the latest and greatest 2016 Spring/ Summer collections! Spring Collection is called Sirens of the Sun. A tribute to my favorite star, I am using all warm sun ray tones of pinks, oranges, golds, yellows and peach. Summer collection is called Into the Abyss where I go to the other side of the spectrum using fabrics with blues, purples, silvers and greens that evoke thoughts of diving deep into the abyss of the sea, my other love. I will also be adding some new styles of tops and bottoms including a surf suit and some fuller coverage bottoms that I’m calling Modest Goddess based on some requests for some not-so cheeky bottoms as well as a couple new cheeky styles!

Most of us have goals and intentions or resolutions in the New Year, if fitness is on your list this is an overview of my game plan to bounce back to a bikini body.

Monday— 1-2 mile run and HOT Enough Hatha yoga class

Tuesday— 1-2 mile run and Power Flow yoga class

Wednesday— 1-2 mile run and hit the gym… when I'm at the gym i like to get a well rounded workout of arms, core/ back, and legs. I usually just choose which weights to do by listening to what my body needs the most. I will also practice handstands at the gym against a wall after an ab workout.

Thursday— 1-2 mile run and power flow yoga class

Friday—- 1-2 mile run and gym

Saturday—- yoga self practice or one of Meghan Currie’s Cody App workouts https://www.codyapp.com/plans/wild-free. Also, I have recently discovered Michelle Muench aka Banana Blondie who posts some great flows online a http://thrivingplantbased.com

Sunday— If I'm feeling ambitious I will go to Power flow or I will do something similar to Saturday or gym or have a rest day.

I always listen to my body and while this is my general guideline, I will skip a workout if I’m feeling super sore or tired but will always shoot for a minimum of 5 workouts a week. Also, I normally will only run twice a week but since I'm trying to burn off the holiday chunk, I’m ramping up the running since that is the fastest way I have found to lose weight. Its about a feeling for me, not a number on a scale. Hope this inspires you and cant wait to share my 2016 collection with you Sun Loves!

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